Tuesday’s Top Tasty Tracks


From one end of the genre spectrum to the other, this week has it all. Acoustic, indie rock, alternative punk and metal. Check out whichever genre you’re interested in, as there’s something here for everyone this week.

Goliath – Joshua Leventhal

To kick things off this week, my good buddy Josh finally put out the song I’ve been waiting almost a year to write about. Musically, this song is fairly simple and straightforward, featuring an acoustic guitar and a cello, and later an electric guitar. But that’s because this song is about the story, the lyrics, and the power they possess. Josh has taken King David, the man after God’s own heart, and told his story is a way that is hauntingly beautiful. The doubt David feels (as shown in the Psalms) is portrayed perfectly by Josh’s song, and it’s a beautiful reminder that even the man closest to God, and leading his nation, faltered time and time again. If you do anything this weekend, please listen to this song and pay attention to it. Worth your time.

Genre: Singer-Songwriter


Gold Rush – Death Cab For Cutie

I’ve skipped the last few Death Cab records because their old stuff held such a special place in my heart. And while this song doesn’t live up to that stuff, it’s unique and catchy in its own way. This song has moments of Relient K, Beck, and Freedom by George Michael, and is a change of pace from the current pop scene. Though obviously the loss of Chris Walla is tangible, I truly don’t think this is a worse song because of it, but rather different. And the song itself is a reflection of this observation, as lyrically it is about something changing, becoming almost unrecognizable from what it first was, similar to Death Cab’s career. If, like me, you’ve fallen off the DCFC bandwagon, give this song a shot. It’s a lot of fun, and it’ll be on my summer playlist.

Genre: Indie Rock


More Like You – Trophy Eyes

Trophy Eyes continue their transition from punk to anthem rock, and they’re doing it well. “More Like You” features whoa’s that will one day echo out in stadiums around the world. Though I’ll miss their brand of punk, there’s a lot of fun to be had in this style, and there are still elements of punk in the music, regardless of what their primary genre is. The chorus, “More Like You, Less Like Me,” is an inspiring yet depressing cadence, relatable to almost anyone who has, at moments, wished they could be anyone else. Evoking feelings of melancholy and joy simultaneously, this song showcases TE’s growth as songwriters. It’s a much more pop-friendly approach, but it doesn’t feel cookie-cutter nor overdone. I’m hoping this song gets picked up for sporting events, as I think it’ll be perfect for that type of thing.

Genre: Alternative Rock/Punk Rock


Heathen Heart – Earth Groans

Earth Groans show their writing growth on this song, but show that the passion and grit has not gone away. This song is unrelenting, a wall of sound from start to finish. A plodding rhythm drives this song, showcasing the aggression this band has that so many of their peers seem to have lost along the way. There’s a lot to like here, and the influence from bands like Inhale Exhale, Phinehas and Knocked Loose are clear in the dissonant higher chords combined with the chopped-up rhythmic chugs. Though I wasn’t huge on the first EP they released, this has a lot of promise, and it rips. Pretty keen for this album.

Genre: Metalcore


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