Tuesday’s Top Tasty Tracks


Two songs for dancing, two songs for moshing. Do a little of both this weekend.

Northern Fires (Guernica) – Silent Planet

Silent Planet are back, and they haven’t missed a beat. One of the most intriguing bands in every aspect of the word, SP have some of the most technical musicianship in every instrumentation, and Garrett is one of the most fascinating and complex vocalists in the genre. His lyrics, as shown in the video below, are all annotated with corresponding references if a fan wants to do a deep dive into a songs meaning. The lyrics often reflect a historical event, as this song is about the Spanish Civil War. Garrett has also shown progression in his vocals, as many fans have noticed a much more dynamic screaming approach. Alex is one of the best technical drummers alive, and Mitch kills it with his shredding, while Thomas holds down the soaring clean vocals and bass. This song is so heavy, syncopated and technical. There’s no question this will be a crowd favourite as the band kicks off warped tour this week.

Genre: Metalcore

Slingshot – GAWVI

Gawvi continues to flex his rapping chops as his production roots shine on this song. The banger of a beat are what’s best about this song, as one fan mentioned that only Gawvi could make a squeaky swing set into an incredible song. While the beat is what most people will notice first, Gawvi’s lyrics are great with little references to JR Smith and Michael Jackson, keeping the song bouncing. Gawvi’s flow is comparable to label mate KB or superstar Travi$ Scott. What’s unmistakable is Gawvi is having fun with this song, and so should you.

Genre: Hip-Hop/Pop

Nothing Last Forever – Hollow Front

What starts out as a muddy track turns into an onslaught of sound 45 seconds in, forcing hardcore dudes to mosh in their living rooms everywhere. The aggression and emotion contained in this vocalists screams give me chills, and the downtuned heaviness from the instrumentals multiply it tenfold. This gives way again for some calm guitarwork before again turning heavy. This back and forth gives the song, and listener by extension, room to breathe. There’s an art to keeping a listener engaged, and this showcases it. At 2:30, the song breaks into a bone-crushing breakdown, with the lead vocals “Nothing Last Forever” screamed out. The emotion is tangible. These guys have something special here, mixing the heavy and accessible, and it’s a perfect blend.

Genre: Metalcore

Party Nights Feat. Andres – Strawberry Girls

The most dance-inducing song this week belongs to Strawberry Girls. This funky, alt. rock song is so infectious, it’s hard to get out of your head. While some have criticized the lyrics, it’s clear Andres is just having fun with it adding to the freeflowing joy throughout the song. He makes little references to modern hip-hop stars like 21 Savage and Lil Pump, and it’s hilarious. Will Swan’s influence on this band continues to shine through in the best way as Strawberry Girls continue to explore different aspects of the genre and showcase how creative they are. The technicality of the band comes off as if they’re playing four chord structure. It’s so easy for them, and they’re so talented they make it look effortless. Andres’ vocals match perfectly with the sound SG are pursuing, and it’s unmistakable that this will be my song of the summer.

Genre: Alternative Prog. Rock


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