Tuesday’s Top Tasty Tracks


Some great tracks, great for the summer whether you’re feeling happy or saaaaaad.

Coming Clean – Homebound

Homebound comes back with a great track, featuring their gritty approach to the pop-punk genre much like Trash Boat. The vocalist in Homebound has a skill in writing melodies as I can’t get that chorus out of my head. The instruments are creative and refreshing in this genre where so many bands sound identical. The bridge showcases the band branching out, as this almost hardcore breakdown features some screamed vocals and heavier moments, though it’s short lived. All in all, this shows the band is progressing while not leaving their fanbase and their great music behind.

Genre: Pop-Punk/Hardcore


The Grey – Thrice

Thrice is back and I’m happy about it. Arguably my favourite band, Thrice is one of those bands that can be enjoyed by casual fans of music, but deep dives by extreme fans are rewarding as well. The lyrics always tell a story, often politically charged, and the music is so complex. Teppei complements Dustin’s vocals with his creative riffs, and the mixing/mastering is always top notch. The chorus is massive, and their signature sound is there without sounding like it’s the same song they’ve written before. Worth a listen.

Genre: Post-Hardcore, Alternative Rock


From The Outside – Real Friends

After an album some considered a step backwards, or at the very least a stagnation, Real Friends are back with a huge lead single that showcases progression and growth in the area of songwriting, especially in regards to melody. There’s a lot of fun in this song, and though the trademark depression/mental health issues exist in the lyrics, this song seems slightly more hopeful. The production on this track is top notch, and it’s always cool when the music video is more than just the band playing the song over and over. A lot of good pop-punk coming out this summer, and this might top all of them.

Genre: Pop-Punk


Haze – Roseview

This atmospheric song is beautiful, and shows this band knows how to make a song greater than the genre. The clean vocals are beautiful, on point, and don’t take away from the song. There’s a calmness in this song, a sense of warmth throughout. The song builds from halfway through the song with the screamed vocals coming in around 2/3rds of the way through. The chorus has some beautiful lyrics, and I keep coming back to this song.

Genre: Melodic Hardcore


As always, you can listen to all of the TetraT songs at this playlist here: