Tuesday’s Top Tasty Tracks


Four new songs to enjoy this weekend. For your health.

Struggle to Sleep – Glass Hands

Glass Hands have quickly shot up my most anticipated list with the two singles they released for this new album. Caught somewhere between Texas In July and Fit For A King, Glass Hands bring the heavy with catchy breakdowns and big bass drops. They aren’t completely original, but they definitely aren’t a cookiecutter band trying to fit into the latest trend. What stands out to me is the bridge/breakdown. The words “I may never be good enough for myself” often ring through my head days after I heard this song. It resonates. And it helps that it is shortly followed by a upped-tempo breakdown that is refreshing. These guys are talented, and I hope they hop on some big tours to get the recognition they deserve.

Genre: Metalcore


Close – nobigdyl.

nobigdyl continues to surprise me with both his talent and lyrical content. The production on this beat is impressive, and the hook is emotive from the get-go. There’s no question dyl wears his heart on his sleeve as this song is incredibly personal. It’s a beautiful song with lots of heart, and a chorus by an artist that should’ve blown up a long time ago in Adam Friedman. nobigdyl is creating a fresh sound in the CHH market, and while Lecrae and the like are great at what they do, it’s refreshing to see someone making waves with an inventive style and flow. The song is raw, the art is real, and it’s worth checking out.

Genre: R&B/Hip-Hop


Tipping Point – Classic Jack

Classic Jack is one of those bands that I disagree with lyrically, but musically they are incredibly gifted. Something I push myself to do is engage and listen to people who have different beliefs than I do, trying desperately to avoid a dreaded echo chamber. This song is essentially anti-religion (or anti-christianity), and if you know me, you know I am not. However, there are some good points the lyrics bring up. Don’t be sheep, think for yourself, engage with doubt and challenge yourself and those around you. All that being said, the music is great. These guys have a cool mix between Our Last Night with Adrian, ex-Northlane vocalist’s type of scream. They’re a talented group that deserve more eyes on them.

Genre: Post-Hardcore


Melancholy – Bilmuri

Johnny Franck is one of the most gifted musicians in the scene. His solo project, Bilmuri, has a sound so original, mixing post-hardcore with R&B, creating a unique mixture that (I think) is accessible and unique. Though the entire online persona is centred around memes and jokes, the lyrical and musical content Bilmuri releases is deep, raw and real. “I get high cause I feel so low” is not a light subject, and it’s great to hear music dealing with that kind of content. This is lofi high quality content.

Genre: Alternative Rock


As always, you can listen to all of the TetraT songs at this playlist here: