Tuesday’s Top Tasty Tracks


Four new tracks, all a little different. Number four will shock you!

Drifting – AFTRHR

After sharpening his chops in There For Tomorrow, Maika is back with a bubblegum pop song that could easily be Zayn, and will fit nicely over a drone video of a beach somewhere in Cali. Jokes and stereotypes aside, this song is extremely catchy, and sounds different enough to stand out a bit. The lyrics are abstract enough, but still actually carry weight, while Maika’s vocal work is great as usual. The producer on the track blew it out of the water, incredible work. As my sister would say, it’s a bop.

Genre: Pop/Electro


Blossom – Mayfield

Holding it down for Canada, Mayfield’s new song shows why they deserve the attention of the melodic hardcore community. Featuring beautiful cleans similar to This Wild Life, there’s a lot here for fans in and outside of the genre. Mayfield contain a level of aggression that, when combined with riffs, will remind fans of Being As An Ocean’s debut album, and that though BAAO has moved on, other bands make the same level of quality music. Though it’s par for the genre, Blossom is an incredibly emotional song, and after a few listens and readings of the lyrics, listeners will connect with this song. How often have we felt like a waste, like a lost hope? It’s an emotion many can connect with.

Genre: Melodic Hardcore


Dakota – Between You & Me

“Overthinking,” BY&M’s label debut single, was released almost 11 months ago, and since then they have been quiet. But they are quiet no more! “Dakota” is the lead single off their upcoming debut LP, and features the same catchy riffs, and even catchier melodies as “Overthinking” did. Accompanied by a comedic music video, the song features the signature pop-punk relationship content with a twist. Instead of being in love, it’s moving on from a girl who is stuck in a toxic relationship but won’t do anything about it. The chorus is about as catchy as they come. What stands out is the drumming, which reminds listeners of Travis Barker in the second verse, a cool nod to their influences. Great song, great band.

Genre: Pop-Punk


G.O.A.T. – Polyphia

Taking a turn for the dark, Polyphia show new influences and maturity in this brand new song. I don’t care who you are or what you listen to, you have to check out this song. It’s so groovy, so technically masterful, dark and heavy yet so accessible. There’s obvious hip-hop/trap influences in this song, but it’s tastefully done. The guitar work, the harmonics, and the blending of the two guitar players together is incredible and is so sonic that it almost goes unnoticed. What stands out is the beautiful work by the bassist in this track. Holding down the low end is often a thankless job, but just over two minutes in he gets a chance to shine and makes everyone glad he did. Every part of this band is cohesive, seamless, and on top of their game. This is more than just an instrumental band. They are rising above genre and descriptions to create masterpieces of music.

Genre: Instrumental Progressive Groooooove


As always, you can listen to all of the TetraT songs at this playlist here: