Tuesday’s Top Tasty Tracks


From these four days, there’s a unique blend of pop-punk, hardcore, and two hip-hop songs that are extremely different from one another.

Shade – Trash Boat

Trash Boat, the underrated pop-punk band from across the pond, prove once again why more people should be listening to their incredible music. This song is incredibly melodic, creative, and passionate. No bubblegum pop here (*cough* State Champs *cough*). There’s some aggression in this song that isn’t usually in the music they put out, with some hardcore vibes, from the fast guitar and drums to the yelled vocals. It’s cool to see bands effectively cross the genre’s over, as they both came from the same place. There are some melodic choices in this song, both in chord progression and lead melody-wise, that impress me so much. It’s not a straight-up four chord structure that every band has done before. There’s creativity and time that was invested in this song, and it shows. I can’t wait for this album.

Genre: Pop-Punk

Wesside – WHATUPRG

Reach finally branching out with these signings, and I’m thrilled. WHATUPRG is part of the Indie Tribe, alongside nobigdyl., whom I featured a few weeks ago. These guys are bringing a breath of fresh air into the CHH genre, whether they identify that way or not. This beat is vibey and simple, letting the lyrics shine. RG’s ability to mix spanish and english effortlessly is an art all on its own, and he has great flow in both languages. The music video just adds to what a fun song this is. If you like what you hear, be sure to check out his recently released EP, Pleasure Hill.

Genre: Hip-Hop

Be A Wolf – Pressure Cracks

This marks Jason Butler’s second band since Letlive. broke up, with The Fever333 being his other band. This one, Pressure Cracks, absolutely rips, and reminds me of The Chariot or early Norma Jean mixed with Knocked Loose. This song has so much aggression, and it showcases Butler’s vocal style perfectly. Bulter screams about not being a sheep, following the heard, but being a wolf. He doesn’t just talk about it, but lives it, always breaking the mold and not being afraid to speak out against things he doesn’t agree with. It’s also reflected in the differences of his two bands, with this one bringing back a heavy sound from the early/mid-2000s, and I can’t get enough it. I really hope these guys go on tour, because the pit will be ridiculous. Bang. Your. Head.

Genre: Chaotic Hardcore

Bubblin’ – Anderson .Paak

After years of scraping by, whether it be before his music or in the earlier years, Paak has finally hit it big, and this is his chance to pour the bubbly. Though this track is characteristic of a hip-hop artist, it feels different for Paak because of his long discography, the majority of it about grinding and scraping by and never quite getting there. Well, he’s finally there, and he wants the world to know it. Though this is the usual “I got money” song, what sets this track apart is it’s inventive beat, featuring a mixture of strings, horns, huge bass, and frantic feeling throughout. And even in its usual content, Paak has a way of standing apart from the crowd. Instead of bragging about cars or his ice, Paak wants all the fries, all the hot sauce, all the pies. This song bangs, it’s a lot of fun, and it’s well deserved. I applaud you, Anderson .Paak. You’ve finally made it, and you know it.

Genre: Hip-Hop

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