Tuesday’s Top Tasty Tracks


Been busy lately but I’m ready to get back to sharing some incredible music, starting with there four tracks. Also, I’m going to take away the Recommended If You Like section. It’s only four songs, just give them all a shot. If there’s obvious influences or parallels, I’ll mention them in the short write-up.

Clarity – Andy Mineo

Other than a collaborative fun concept album with Wordsplayed last year, Mineo has been rather quiet…until now. This track (and EP) sees Mineo shed the rap persona and shows his fears, weaknesses and doubts, and to no surprise, it’s his best work. What begins as a very lofi, quiet song builds into a robust song with huge vocals and a heavy beat, only to drop out again for none other than Madeleine L’engle, sharing her views on doubts in faith. Andy shares his doubts with his faith, and his problems with the North American church, all while searching for clarity. Though the production, his flow, the beat, the extra vocal work and everything is amazing, Andy’s lyrics are what stand out, and that shows how important this song is. He’s spitting things millions of Christians feel, and it’s an important time to be hearing these words.

Genre: Hip-Hop


Crystal Ball – State Champs

Though I honestly wasn’t a fan of their first single, Dead & Gone, I won’t give up on the State Champ boys based on one song. This song is much better, feeling way more like their older sound I fell in love with. The chorus is where this song shines, allowing Derek to let his voice fly, always with catchy harmonies. I can already hear the lyrics being screamed back by thousands of fans. This will be a crowd favourite. Though I’m still wary of the Feldmann effect of polished, flat production and way too many “Woah-oahhhhhhs,” this song gives me hope. Please let there be more songs like this on the album and not “Dead & Gone” types.

Genre: Pop-Punk


Stick & Stones – 1K Phew

1k goes in on this song with a hard-hitting beat and aggression. It’s funny that he paired this song with the positive, lovey “Show Love” on this mini EP, but it shows both sides of his passion, and that reflects the message as well. Sticks & Stones stories 1k’s come up, and how hard it was to grind it out day after day, and how people love to throw words around and come down on those around them. Hence the name, “Sticks & Stones.” The song is very much an Atlanta-type track, featuring a trap beat, and the vocal flow popularized recently by the Migos. 1k shows he’s got talent and depth on this track, and this is only the beginning.

Genre: Hip-Hop

Inveterate – As A Conceit

The obvious parallel here is Architects, and that’s not a knock at all. This band is incredibly talented, and have guitar work similar to Architects, while not sounding like a carbon copy. These guys are heavy and technical, and whenever the song begins to plateau, they change the rhythm, which keeps the whole song fresh. My only gripe with this song is that the cleanish vocals in the chorus are out of pitch, and it just grates my ears. The rest of the song makes up for it though, as it’s a pleasure to listen to. A lot of great stuff here, and I’m looking forward to their upcoming project. The drop out for female chorus-like vocals into a great polyrhythm breakdown to close out the track shows the talent and range this band has, and it’s impressive to say the least.

Genre: Progressive Metalcore


As always, you can listen to all of the TetraT songs at this playlist here: