Tuesday’s Top Tasty Tracks


I’m bringing you 4+1 songs today because it’s sunny out and I’m feeling generous.

No Chains – KB

KB has been the most consistent CHH artist other than Mineo from his come-up to now. Always great lyricism, insightful perspectives and incredible beats. This song is no exception as KB declares his freedom in Christ by proclaiming he’s got no chains on him. The beat’s hard, the lyrics are great (and not cheesy), and KB knows what’s up. Though many in the CHH world either promote theology or call out those around them, KB is able to do both, touching on the current state of Hip-Hop and showing why he’s different from the rest, while not being washed up or out of touch. And clearly it’s hitting a nerve, with just over 700,000 views on YouTube. Faithful over Famous indeed.

Genre: Hip-Hop

RIYL: Big Sean, Trip Lee, Future


Growing – Blue Heaven

A brand new band just in time for summer. A band that was formed from remnants of various bands of the Maryland hardcore scene, Blue Heaven sounds as far from those beginnings as possible. Their brand of indie rock is infectious, with bouncing rhythms and catchy riffs, and would sound incredible coming from the speakers of a boat. With an upcoming album on No Sleep Records, a label that consistently puts out good music regardless of the genre, it would be no surprise if this band really took off. They have an incredible sound and aesthetic, and for some reason I can’t stop hitting the replay button.

Genre: Indie Rock

RIYL: Turnover, Transit, Cherry Pools


Creations of Chaos (Feat. Danny Santos of Illusionist) – Inventure

Dreambound has a knack for promoting incredible up-and-coming bands, and this song proves it. Inventure is incredibly talented, featuring atmospheric guitars with incredible riffs, extremely technical polyrhythms, and so beast vocals from both the lead singer and guest vocalist Santos. Though the genre often feels too saturated and overrun, Inventure have found a way to capture attention, offering a breath of fresh air with musical prowess and a commanding presence. Don’t expect these guys to be independent for long.

Genre: Metalcore

RIYL: The Afterimage, Northlane, Volumes


Lock & Key – Nominee

Part one of the Split EP feature, Nominee is a new band on Outerloop Records. This song is pretty heavy on the melancholy, perfect for a gloomy day. With emotional and relatable lyrics, Nominee is able to capture feelings of a break-up perfectly, and seeing someone be happy without you. They blend a perfect amount of aggression and emo nods to set a beautiful balance. This song is great, and I’m loving this revival of the emo scene. “What kind of man would I be if I let you stay?”

Genre: Emo Rock

RIYL: Bearings, Brigades, Life Lessons


Postcard – Sundressed

And part two of the Split EP feature, Sundressed have also signed with Outerloop Records. “Postcard” starts out as a fairly generic Weezer ripoff song, but turns into an incredible song once the chorus rolls around, building up through the pre-chorus. What’s great about these guys is their influences are so wide, causing their music to sound so original. The closing chorus features gang vocals, layered with aaaaahs overtop, which is so huge and anthemic. Looking forward to the Split from these guys and Nominee.

Genre: Emo Punk Rock

RIYL: Weezer, The Hotelier, The Weekend Classic


As always, you can listen to all of the TetraT songs at this playlist here: