Tuesday’s Top Tasty Tracks


Acoustic and post tracks all around.

Hold You Here – This Wild Life

The Scene’s resident acoustic act is back with another beautiful offering, featuring This Wild Life at their very best. The arrangement, while beautiful, acts as an accompaniment to the beautiful love song Kevin has written, with lyrics that are undoubtably lovely while not being cheesy. TWL have found their gift in the finger picking acoustic approach, which ebbs and flows, swells and drops with the listeners emotion. Clearly, the duo have a passion and gift for visual storytelling as the video itself is beautiful.

Genre: Acoustic/Singer-Songwriter

RIYL: Copeland, Brighter Skies, Mae


Midnight Crusade – Dance Gavin Dance

DGD gets better with every release, and that’s a fact. Tilian is far better than Craig was with this band, and Swan continues to show his ingenuity with the riffs and rhythms he creates. The melodic lines Tilian is able to come up with compliment Swan’s guitar work so well, and the rest of the band fill out the surrounding air with poise and talent. Vocalists Tilian and John have mastered the art of balance with the clean and unclean vocals, always complimenting each other so well. The close to the song gives older fans of the band that chaotic heaviness without it feeling like too far of a stark contrast from the previous 2 minutes that preceded it. Dance Gavin Dance are at the height of the game, lead the genre, and do it all with talent, humility and artistic integrity.

Genre: Progressive Post-Hardcore/Mathcore

RIYL: Hail The Sun, Lower Definition, The Fall of Troy


Burnt Out – First Ghost

First Ghost are back, proving good emo music still exists and can be done incredibly well. With guitar work clearly influenced by genre juggernauts like American Football and This Town Needs Guns, First Ghost are able to submit this song that adds to the genre instead of feeling like a carbon copy of what came before. As the music video will show, the band also has a knack for the artistic approach, featuring a storyline and beautiful acting and cinematography; both things the music industry seems to have forgotten about in music videos. Though the song “ends” vocally at around the 3:20 mark, the band continues on playing for another minute and a half, allowing the song to breathe. The instrumentals are play their part so well, fitting together in the song like puzzle pieces.

Genre: Emo Rock

RIYL: Sequoyah Prep School, American Football, Tiny Moving Parts


Calm E – Culture Abuse

As a band that dips in and out of the “Scene,” Culture Abuse love riding the line, doing things their own way and not getting bogged down by what they can and cannot do. Case in point, this song. Departing from their grungier, edgier vocal delivery to a more dreamy approach, lead singer Kelling embraces the 90s influences or Rivers Cuomo and the like in this song. “Calm E” is a driving, grooving song that screams hanging out at the beach, and I can’t wait to do that with this song blasting. Such a great vibe, and some incredible pop-rock with some nice punk influences.

Genre: Punk Rock

RIYL: Weezer, Turnstile, The Dirty Nil


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