Tuesday’s Top Tasty Tracks


Dark Matter – Household

After some member changes and a shift in genre focus, Household are back with a fresh new take on indie emo with pop-punk tendencies. Originally starting as a melodic hardcore/punk fashion, Household burst onto the scene with their energetic and chaotic approach, but due to lead vocalist Gilbert’s vocal issues with the genre, the band shifted, and many would say for the better. In “Dark Matter,” the band plays with tempo, creating a pretty original experience for a song that slows all the way down mid-verse, only to pick right back up with a driving guitar pattern. In some ways this is a new debut, a re-birthing, of the band, and with that comes growing pains as many fans are unsure of the direction, and have commented on the tempo and key changes in the couple of singles released. Regardless, there is reason to be excited, and their joy in the music they make is unmistakable.

Genre: Indie Emo

RIYL: House of Heroes, Citizen, Mayday Parade

Revenge – Michael Barr

After parting with Volumes over two years ago, Barr was able to recreate himself last year with an EP, +1which was met with positive reviews, albeit with many Volumes fans saying he sold out. On the new single “Revenge,” Michael doubles down on the R&B, proving he deserves attention. This approach, heavy laden with 808s and hi-hats, is reminiscent of the popular approach a la Drake and Migos beat-wise, and The Weeknd or even Justin Bieber for the vocal approach. What really sets Barr apart from all of those pop artists is his lyrical content, something that carried over from his talent in Volumes. Barr deals with real life issues, often reflecting on his personal life, and it’s not all boasting or abstract nonsense. It’s deep, often dark content that listeners can relate to and understand. There’s no question Barr is talented, whether you like the musical direction he decided to go or not.

Genre: R&B

RIYL: Partynextdoor, The Weeknd, Travi$ Scott

Lovebirds – Parting Ways

Vancouver’s pop-punk scene is growing, and Parting Ways are at the forefront. This new track shows that the band has a future ahead of them, with songwriting and production value both at the highest level. Coming in at a fast pace, the song blazes by at just over two and a half minutes, and has so much energy in that time. The tag line, “It isn’t over/til I say it’s over,” will stay stuck in many fan’s heads. The layered vocal delivery with screams in the background adds a gritty dynamic to the song, upping the energy further. The instrumental work is commendable, with all parts working together to create an incredible song, and there’s talent in the riffs that you won’t notice until the tenth listen. Ending abruptly, Lovebirds leaves listeners wanting more, and leaves me highly anticipated their new album, due out May 1st.

Genre: Pop-Punk

RIYL: Boys of Fall, Knuckle Puck, Trophy Eyes

Sister Cities – The Wonder Years

Ever the maturing band, The Wonder Years are back for their sixth album. This track, the title track off the upcoming album of the same name, sees the band steer into the feeling of distance and connection through distance. The music video is a slice of suburban americana reminiscent of Sean Baker’s films, and reflects the bands everyman approach to their work, writing songs that are relatable across all markets. This is further supported by their approach to announce the new album by emailing fans a 7-inch record of a new song before announcing anything online. The music is unmistakably Wonder Years with Campbell’s signature vocals rising above the barrage of guitars and drums. There’s emotional connection throughout this song, and the band channel that energy into their instrumentation. With this album, from the artwork to the name to the typography, it feels like the band is truly maturing and moving on from the scene they were synonymous with for so many years, and it’s for the best. Neither an abandonment nor a stark change in direction, The Wonder Years have truly just grown out of and moved on from the entire “Warped Tour” or “Alternative Press” scene and create music that is for their fans that like them for who they are. The artistry is unmistakable, and the talent is irresistible. There has never been a better Wonder Years than right now.

Genre: Emo/Pop-Punk

RIYL: Real Friends, Man Overboard, Transit


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