Tuesday’s Top Tasty Tracks


Spiral Gaze – Off Road Minivan

Off Road Minivan is Tooth & Nail’s newest signing, featuring clean vocalist/bassist of Fit For A King Ryan O’Leary. Ryan had expressed a desire to do some music on the softer side of the spectrum, and started this band with his friends. This lead single, “Spiral Gaze,” features some extremely moody and emotional instrumentation, and Ryan’s vocals truly shine in this different atmosphere. The song ebbs and flows, rising and falling like a chest breathing in and out. The song calls to mind the softer moments of Thrice and the heavier moments of Anberlin. Accompanied by a beautifully shot music video, this single signals to fans that this is a band to pay attention to.

Genre: Rock

RIYL: Anberlin, Emarosa, Thrice

Waiting Room – Glass Hands

Glass Hands are a gifted metalcore band, improving every song they release. The vocals carry some serious weight to them, similar to Ryo of Crystal Lake in the harsh vocals. The clean vocals are just as powerful, with some impressive grit behind them, featuring some creative vocal melodies. The instrumentation is really good, with continuous lead guitar riffs peppered throughout the song between choppy guitar patterns. The drummer really shines as the backbone of this song, throwing some truly unique fills into the gaps. The closing breakdown has an awesome lead-up with atmosphere and a symphonic lead sweeping between the chugs. Though this is not a new take on the genre, Glass Hands performs this song with such passion and energy that it’s invigorating to listen to. This band has a big future ahead of them.

Genre: Metalcore

RIYL: Architects, Invent Animate, Kingdom of Giants

Of Wilderness – My Epic

After a year of inactivity, My Epic have announced they’ll be releasing two concept EPs this year, which has their fans buzzing. This lead single, “Of Wilderness,” speaks to getting away from all of the manmade structures and the corporate faith structures. Faith is a messy experience that cannot be contained within a box, and My Epic urges their listeners to get out and experience their faith in the wilderness, both literally and figuratively. Musically, this song sees some electronic influences in the first chorus, a dichotomy set up by the band in a song about returning to nature and organic process. As always with My Epic, they are able to speak right to the soul in their music, embracing the heart of emotion and faith, never shying away from stepping on people’s toes.

Genre: Rock

RIYL: Attalus, Falling Up, Thrice

Cut Me Off – The Weekend Classic

Rude Records’ newest band The Weekend Classic have just announced their upcoming EP, aided by the lead single, “Cut Me Off.” This song is gritty and driven, featuring the bands signature layered vocal approach, which shines the brightest in the last minute of this song. Their grunge-influenced guitars call back to the 90s while still being fresh and new. This song deals with the feeling of being stuck, not being able to get out of a situation, something that matches the instrumental tone completely. This is a huge step forward from their older material, showing clear maturity and progress in their abilities. This song builds brilliantly, and should not be ignored.

Genre: Alternative Rock

RIYL: Basement, The Wonder Years, Knuckle Puck


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