Tuesday’s Top Tasty Tracks

The top four brand new tracks from the week of January 23-29.

Shinebox – CrazyEightyEight

After adding another famous scene YouTuber (Patty Walters), Jarrod Alonge & Co. release this new single for their upcoming debut album, and it sounds incredible thus far. Clearly taking influence from the mid-2000s metalcore movement (especially Underoath in that breakdown), CrazyEightyEight are making music that is neither for comedy nor cringe-worthy, subverting all expectations of a YouTuber trying to take music seriously (see anyone from the My Digital Escape scene). This song blows by with urgency, proclaiming that they can make good music that is worth more than a passing glance. Though they’ve already released two EPs of covers, their original music is a cut above the rest, helmed by the incredible vocals of Lauren Babic, perhaps calling to mind early Flyleaf or Eyes Set to Kill, while still being completely different. Lauren’s clean vocals are beautiful and haunting, but the power in her screams is impressive, and is comparable to anyone else in the scene right now, regardless of gender.

Genre: Post-Hardcore

RIYL: Underoath, Wolves At The Gate, (Old) Emarosa

reindeer games – oso oso

After recently signing to Triple Crown Records, the label and Oso Oso decided to re-release their album from last year, accompanied by this incredible video. The visuals match the feel of the song beautifully, a song that is both uplifting and beach-worthy, while still maintaining a sense of melancholy and apathy. Tapping into their roots, as the Weezer influence clearly shines through, Oso Oso have a way with songwriting that is original, as shown with the chord changes in the chorus not following a typical progression, taking a minor turn. It’s very much an emo song, embracing the stereotype while creating original music.

Genre: Emo Rock

RIYL: Weezer, Free Throw, Mom Jeans

Over Again – Mike Shinoda

Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park has released a three song EP that deserves the attention of the music scene for its honest portrayal of grief. Months after co-lead singer Chester Bennington committed suicide, Mike released this surprise EP as a form of catharsis, each with varied emotion ranging from survivors guilt, anger, sadness, and depression. Lyrically, this song tells the story of the band deciding to do a tribute show for CB, and the many feelings that he had throughout the process. Halfway through this song, the beat kicks in a little louder, and Shinoda comes out wearing his heart on his sleeve. The hook portrays a beautiful, haunting concept of constantly saying goodbye, with memories and sadness coming in waves. This incredibly emotional song deserves to be heard as a relatable, haunting, honest look at what it’s like to grieve. Nobody does it the same, and part of Mike’s process is to create cathartic music, expressing pure emotion, and it’s an important look into what life is like after losing a partner.

Genre: Hip-Hop

RIYL: Eminem, Drake, Fort Minor

Warm Hand Splash – Tiny Moving Parts

Released a few days before the full-length Swell gets released, “Warm Hand Splash” might be the best song Tiny Moving Parts have released yet. There’s an urgency in this song, adding a dynamic way to the song that previous TMP songs often lacked. This song sees the band fully embrace the pop-punk side of the emo genre, as shown right off the top of the song with fast-paced guitar strumming and borderline screamed vocals. The chorus features a tempo change which brings a weight to the words “Out the front door/I watch your body leave/Could you please keep the light on for me.” The outro feels lifted straight from an American Football or Dryjacket song, a nice change-up to the pace the song started out with. Throughout, the listener is taken on a journey through the tempo and emotion changes, leaving them ready to hit the replay button.

Genre: Emo Post-Hardcore

RIYL: American Football, Sorority Noise, Microwave


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