The top four brand new tracks from the week of January 16-22.

Salt of the Earth – Good Tiger

Good Tiger releases their fourth single from their upcoming album, We Will All Be Gone, due out February 9th. Boasting a line-up many consider a supergroup, featuring ex-members of The Faceless, The Safety Fire and Tesseract, and the music they create is as technical as one would expect with all of those talented musicians in one room. “Salt of the Earth” sees vocalist Elliot Coleman embrace his inner Anthony Green, producing soaring vocal lines and falsetto harmonies. Instrumentally, this track showcases the bands ability to be technical yet accessible. If this single is a sign of what’s to come on their next album, the sophomore slump will not be a concern for them.

Genre: Progressive Post-Hardcore

RIYL: Saosin, Circa Survive, Dance Gavin Dance







It’s Too Much – Moose Blood

This single marks the first listeners have heard Moose Blood return to their roots. This song would feel right at home on their debut album I’ll Keep You in Mind, From Time to Time compared to their brighter approach to songwriting on Blush. “It’s Too Much” is quite comparable to a modern reworking of Brand New’s “Jesus Christ,” with a similar chord progression and melancholy feel. Though structurally and musically straight forward, the gloomy atmosphere created around the song makes it a much more enjoyable song to listen to compared to their previous single for this album “Talk In Your Sleep.” There’s emotion in this song, and that’s what emo music is really defined by. Not by the looks, the screams, or anything else. Just the emotion in the music.

Genre: Emo Pop-Punk

RIYL: Brand New, Balance & Composure, Boston Manor




Hard to Love – Light Up The Sky

Light Up The Sky have really stepped into their own with this single, finding a sound that is truly theirs. Leaving their electronic/post-hardcore tendencies in the past in favour of a more direct and straight-up approach to rock has done wonders for their originality. This move works incredibly well for them, and showcases their songwriting abilities. Full of some great riffs and incredible vocal work, this song feels equal parts Too Close To Touch and Lower Than Atlantis, and yet doesn’t feel derivative of either of them, wholly their own approach to a well-known genre. Expectations are high for this album, and while this is a great song, the hope of some different genre-incorporation will keep it from sounding monotonous. That being said, Light Up The Sky have done the right thing, embracing their own sound, and for that they deserve recognition.

Genre: Alternative Rock

RIYL: Too Close To Touch, I The Mighty, Lower Than Atlantis






Red – Savage Hands

From the ashes of one band rises another, and Savage Hands was born. For a debut single, this song is incredibly catchy, featuring vocal lines that refuse to leave the listener’s head. With this single, Savage Hands is injecting life into a genre many thought died 5 years ago, as all of the “Recommended If You Like” bands are either on hiatus or defunct. They do this with such ease and confidence, easily matching the most catchiest moments of Life On Repeat’s last album Struggle + Sleep. Accompanied by backing from the biggest up-and-coming label in the scene SharpTone Records, this single “Red” points towards good things in the future for Savage Hands. With an original sound in the current music scene and clearly a gift for writing catchy music, Savage Hands are poised for a big year in 2018.

Genre: Post-Hardcore

RIYL: Life On Repeat, Conditions, The Seeking





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