The top four brand new tracks from the week of January 3-9.

This Was A Home Once – Bad Suns

Keeping the summer vibes alive with this one. Bad Suns never fail to put me in a good mood. This song truly captures and combines their last two albums extremely well, and shows the maturity they have from the past few years. Though the concept of the song is relatively sad (this was a home once) or reminiscent, depending on how you look at it, the upbeat rhythm is extremely happy. Here’s a song that will get your head nodding.

Genre: Indie Rock

RIYL: The 1975, Misterwives, Young The Giant


Come Out To LA – Don Broco

Don Broco continues to impress me, pushing boundaries even though this band doesn’t have many. The chorus of this song impressed me with the growls in it, adding a depth that they haven’t had in while. The critical nature of the song is not new, but it’s always great to take it out on the corporate nature of the music industry at least once. The hook is so catchy that I find myself humming it all too often. Rob’s range is again showcased in this song, and it’s magical. He has such power, even in his upper range. This might be the album that Don Broco finally pops off in a place other than the UK. Their last album debuted at number 8 on the UK billboard charts, and didn’t get popular anywhere else. These guys deserve it.

Genre: Pop Rock/Post-Hardcore

RIYL: Lower Than Atlantis, Deaf Havana, Mallory Knox


Disappear (Feat. Lynn Gunn of PVRIS) – Tonight Alive

Tonight Alive doing their best PVRIS impression, featuring the lead singer of PVRIS. I can dig it. Though they continue to move further and further away from their pop-punk roots, I can’t help but enjoy this song, as they embrace the new trend in music. Watching Jenna’s transformation from a pop-punk kid into a true frontwoman, taking notes from those that came before her in the way that she changes her hair and clothing to match the vibes the band is going for is so cool. Art is pushed to the forefront, and it’s awesome. Though it’s almost impossible, save for the accents, to tell Lynn and Jenna apart, it’s great to hear them on a song together. This is a great song.

Genre: Alternative Rock

RIYL: PVRIS, Avril Lavigne, The Neighbourhood


Widow – Sienna Skies

Sienna Skies are back with that melody and that heavy. These guys have been around for over 10 years, and it feels like they’re constantly on the cusp of a breakthrough. All of their music is so good, and this is no exception. Instrumentally, they’re incredibly tight, knowing the right moments to bring the attack and when to back off. The ebbs and flows of the song go nicely. Around halfway through the song, a stuttered chug comes through with a beautiful melody picked overtop, and it’s moments like that that make this band so great. The closing breakdown leaves you wanting more, as I wish it was a bit longer. Another great single from this band.

Genre: Melodic Metalcore

RIYL: Architects, Emarosa, The Ghost Inside


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