The top four brand new tracks from the week of December 12-18.

Bad – Heavy Eyes

Luke Holland is back at it again making incredibly good music. This brand new band featuring three members is funky, groovy and vibes hard. The bass and guitars are heavily influenced by funk, while maintaining a modern approach to vocals and drums, making this song a great blend of nostalgia and current. And then let’s throw a saxophone solo in the middle to boot. This is a great single to kick a band off, and I think there’s lots of potential with this group of talented musicians.

Genre: Funky Retrowave Tunes

RIYL: Don Broco, The 1975, Bad Suns

Dear Phantom (Feat. Andy Cizek) – Nik Nocturnal

Andy Cizek is the most gifted vocalist in the scene, so when he’s involved in a song I immediately check it out. This showcases his range like nothing else, and it puts a smile on my face. His clean vocals, his harmonies, and his range is huge, and he can do almost any kind of scream possible with such power. Nik’s instrumental is extremely heavy and technical, and the two work so well together. This song just bangs, nonstop riffs and djenty breakdowns. This is a combination of two people who have mastered their individual crafts, and have come together to compliment each other extremely well. I love the sound of this.

Genre: Metalcore, Djenty Vibes

RIYL: Elitist, Erra, The Afterimage

Ornament – nothing,nowhere.

n,n. has completely perfected the emotion-inducing songstyle. From the lyrics to the beat and instrumental to the vocalization, it all works together so seamlessly. This song truly stirs up emotions. What amazes me is that he makes his own beats/instrumentation, and that shows what a real artist he is. He’s worked out chords that really tug at the heartstrings, and I always enjoy when he drops a new song.

Genre: Emo Hip-Hop

RIYL: Lil Peep, Lil Lotus, Corbin

December – Our Mirage

Our Mirage keeps putting out bangers, and I keep posting them. I love the layering of the guitar work in the first verse, setting the listener up for a bit heavier work. The imagery is really nice in this song, and the slow build adds to the emotional feel of the song. This vocalist really has a voice that grabs me and draws me in. It has weight to it. All in all, I’m digging Our Mirage.

Genre: Post-Hardcore

RIYL: dangerkids, Close to Home, Palisades

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