The top four brand new tracks from the week of November 28-December 4.

Drowned In Gold – Boston Manor

Boston Manor continue their maturation away from the typical pop-punk sound, and it’s amazing. This band continues to impress me with every song they release. Be Nothing was in my top 3 albums of the year when it was released last year, and this progression makes me all the more excited. There’s more experimentation with guitar tones, static, lofi recording tactics, and overall boldness to create music they want to create. It’s easy to play the same pop-punk that TSSF got big off, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But Boston Manor prove there is an audience out there for a new style of pop-punk that progresses. A post-pop-punk if you will. Boston Manor continue to push boundaries and impress, while maintaining listening and replayability. The chorus soars, the bridge is adventurous and the harmonies/layered vocals always give me goosebumps. Never change Boston Manor. Or rather, continue to change.

Genre: Progressive Pop-Punk

RIYL: Deaf Havana, Trophy Eyes, Trash Boat


No Love (Feat. Garrett Russell of Silent Planet) – Sleeping Giant

This single marks the beginning of the last chapter for Sleeping Giant, as they’ve announced this will be the last album they release as a band. Sleeping Giant has been around since 2006, born from the ashes of a similar band, xDeathstarx, that had been around since 2002. Spanning over a decade of successful music is a feat in this day and age. This song stays true to what Sleeping Giant is known for: heavy music, and honest, spiritual lyrics. Any longtime fan of Sleeping Giant will find comfort in their unique version of hardcore, with Tommy singing and yelling his heart out, backed by heavy guitars. A feature from one of the scene’s hottest vocalists in Garrett Russell proves Sleeping Giant still holds weight and respect in this scene, despite a few years of inactivity and a bit of label hopping. Garrett adds a second dimension to this song, both in vocals and depth. His voice compliments Tommy’s in a similar way that Drew’s complimented Matty in For Today’s song Arm The Masses. This swan song will be one that fans will love.

Genre: Hardcore

RIYL: Those Who Fear, For Today, Saving Grace


High Note – Gawvi

Somehow, Gawvi continues to put out catchier songs. Honestly, if I heard this on the radio, I’d think it was made by Calvin Harris, the king of catchy music. I know lots of people hate on pop music, and I understand and sympathize with the whole “it’s too repetitive, formulaic and over-produced” argument. However, I still love it. A good pop song just hooks me. Take something like I’m The One by DJ Khaled or Feels by Calvin Harris. Catchy is catchy, and it works. That is this song. It’s so catchy, uplifting and positive. This track is worthy of a dance, whether you know how or not. It could easily be in an apple commercial or a “best of 2017” compilation. Ain’t no coming down with you baby, I’ve been on a high note. It’s a sappy song, repetitive, and I love it. No shame here. Cause I been on a high note.

Genre: Pop

RIYL: Calvin Harris, Pharrell Williams, David Guetta


Bait & Collar – Vile Ones

Well, it looks like we have an Oh, Sleeper surrogate in the meantime while the band all do their various side (or main) projects as Zac is in Noble and At The Skylines and Shane is in Wovenwar. Micah has found this project, which also features two members of the now-defunct band Scarlett. Vile Ones is an outlet of music for all sides involved. This song bites, and I’m not just saying that because the EP is called Teeth. It’s chaotic, heavy, and has all the mathcore elements that have gone by the wayside in favour of straightforward predictable breakdowns in this scene. It’s gritty and heavy, and clocking in at just over two and a half minutes, it’s far too short. Any fan of Oh, Sleeper, Scarlett, or heavy chaotic technical music will love this new track and this brand new band.

Genre: Chaotic Metalcore

RIYL: The Chariot, Spitfire, Oh Sleeper


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