The top four brand new tracks from the week of November 21-27.

Caution – Tiny Moving Parts

Tiny Moving Parts are back with their midwestern angst, and it fills that emo hole in my heart. The guitar rapping would make This Town Needs Guns very proud, and it makes me happy that emo music like this still exists. Their lead vocalist keeps his voice strong during the chorus, adding a dimension to the song that makes sure this isn’t a stereotypical emo song. Some great moments in this song, like right before the second chorus where the music swells and stops. Overall, Caution showcases what makes TMP special: they play the genre, and play it well, but they are able to capture a wider audience by making it original and musically strong.

Genre: Emo

RIYL: Free Throw, American Football, Microwave


No Good For Me – Boys of Fall

Huge congrats to Boys of Fall for signing to one of my favourite labels in InVogue Records. Their original blend of pop-punk, metalcore, and acoustic tendencies truly deserves a platform. This song could easily be right next to State Champs or Neck Deep in a playlist and would not feel out of place, and that’s what impresses me most. Though they genre jump from song to song, they do each of those genres amazingly well. This is a truly original and catchy pop-punk song, break-up lyrics and all. I really enjoy the dual layer of vocals, and his timbre feels more original in this genre. I’m highly anticipating this label debut.

Genre: Pop-Punk

RIYL: A Day To Remember, Assuming We Survive, Carousel Kings


Before I Cave In – Too Close To Touch

Too Close To Touch are far to underrated for how good they are. They truly are the face of this new wave of post-hardcore bands, and they fully deserve it. Not whiny, not cookie-cutter, but incredibly original and catchy music. The hilarious music video aside, the song truly stands on its own, and it shines in the chorus. The driving drums, the melodic guitars, and the passioned voice of Keaton soaring overtop it all. If you’ve been missing the mid-2000’s style of singing in post-hardcore, this is your new favourite band.

Genre: Post-Hardcore

RIYL: Hands Like Houses, Picturesque, Miss Fortune


Anxiety Feat. Frnd – blackbear

Hip-hop/electro artist blackbear put out a sleeper earworm with do re mi, and follows it up with this EDM pop hit. There’s elements of Alan Walker and The Chainsmokers in this song, but I most heard Jon Bellion influences in this song. Bellion can do no wrong. Obviously this has a lot to do with Electro artist FRND being featured, with his smooth vocals in the second verse and his production all over the track. While it feels slightly out of character for an artist that is primarily hip-hop, blackbear truly holds my attention with this curveball. And it’s so catchy. I found myself singing it in the shower yesterday. A great, modern song that will be blowing up the charts shortly.

Genre: Dance Pop/EDM

RIYL: Jon Bellion, Vanic, The Chainsmokers


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