The top four tracks brand new from the week of October 4-10.

Stay Ignorant – Don Broco

Don Broco are groovy. Tasty groovy and full of riffs. There’s no question that these guys are original, especially in this scene. Their vocalist really can croon well, and they’re always having fun, as showcased in this music video. Whether you like funk, pop, metal, rock, hip-hop, or anything else, there is an element of that genre in this song, and therefore you will enjoy it. What amazes me is how big these guys are in the UK, and yet they haven’t popped off in North America yet. These guys are gifted in writing catchy riffs. I lay at night with that bass line running through my head. You might too.

RIYL: Lower Than Atlantis, Deaf Havana, Mallory Knox


Want Me Around – Knuckle Puck

Knuckle Puck are bringing it on this new album, branching out a bit while still firmly staying in the style that brought them here. It’s the little things that make this song so great to me. The harmonies in the pre-chorus, the use of dual vocalists (more than their previous work), and how cohesive this whole song is. They play incredibly well together, with each instrument fitting right into the song. Often compared to The Story So Far and Real Friends, Knuckle Puck has found a home between the two bands, playing their own music, not trying to be like one or the other. They’ve solidified their music style with this release, and now they can truly grow into the band their fans always knew they could be.

RIYL: Roam, Trash Boat, Homesafe


Degenerate – Your Memorial

Your Memorial are finally back, just in time to release a final EP and break up. It’s pretty bittersweet, but we all knew it was coming. This will be the first album from the band since 2012’s Redirect. After dropping a single last year, many wondered if that was the end of the band, but they’re doing a farewell tour and a final EP to close out the band. And honestly, I’m not too happy about it. This single clearly shows that these guys are still at the top of their game, and if they pushed for it, could be at  the top of the genre as well. This song is so tight, and Blake has vocals unmatched in the genre. I love his grit, as well as his lyrics. They hit hard with heavy breakdowns and huge riffs. There’s always been an atmospheric vibe to their music with subtly layered synth, and this song is no different. This will be a triumphant farewell if this song is any indicator.

RIYL: Oh, Sleeper, For Today, Silent Planet


Apollo – Crystal Lake

Crystal Lake round out the big three C’s from Japan: Crossfaith, Coldrain and Crystal Lake. While I may be partial to them because I’ve been a fan of them the longest, I think they are the best of the three, without a doubt. While they only really broke into the North America scene in 2014 with the release of Cubes, they’ve been a band since 2002. They’re just nowg gaining the international fanbase they deserve, and it’s great to see. This single picks up where their last album left off, keeping the heavy and aggressive breakdowns, riffs and vocals, and keeping that melodic side still there as well. The chorus is great, as it’s awesome to hear Ryo flex his range. The band is to in tune with their fans and the direction the band wants to go in. This song reflects all of that so well. They’re at the top of their game right now.

RIYL: The Ghost Inside, Architects, Invent Animate


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