The top four tracks from the week of July 12-18.

Goodbye – Echosmith

Echosmith are making the transition into a more radio-friendly pop instead of the indie rock/pop they got big off of, and I’m all for it. They have a skill in songwriting that is unlike any others, whether it’s indie rock or straight up pop. Right from the beginning, the hook with the acoustic guitar is incredible. In the chorus, they feature the ever-popular tropical keys sound, but it works incredibly well here. Harmonies are on point, lyrics are great, and instrumentation is awesome. I’ll be honest, I loved their old sound, and it will be sad to watch them move away from it, but if this is the type of pop they’re going to be putting out, it’s a great trade off. It’s a sad song about the eldest brother leaving the band, and it seems there might be some animosity there, but it created a great song.

RIYL: Ellie Goulding, Zara Larsson, The Neighbourhood


Motion Sickness – Neck Deep

Neck Deep keep coming on strong. This song showcases what these guys do well, and the music video matches it perfectly. Skateboards, cities, and being hoodrats, all which perfectly sum up Neck Deep. This song feels like an ode to mid 2000’s pop punk rather than the current landscape of the genre, and that’s quite alright. This song is bouncy, riffy, and summery, coming just in time for windows-down time. At first, I wasn’t sure about this song, but it really grew on me. The chorus is extremely catchy and has a great message. “Think twice before you throw it all away.” Neck Deep, don’t stop now.

RIYL: New Found Glory, Sum 41, Yellowcard


Hopes Up (Feat. Dashboard Confessional) – nothing,nowhere.

Well this is an emotional song for a summer release. I can definitely see myself with the November blues listening to this song. This original song features some ambient guitars, some rapping, a beautiful chorus, and Chris Carrabba. That should say enough to get you to listen to this song. There’s definitely some R&B/hip-hop influences in this song, and it’s awesome to hear those alongside a crooner like Chris. Not only in the instrumentation and fusion of the various genres amazing and beautiful, but the lyrics really match the tone of the song and are extremely honest and real. Heartbreak is a killer, and this song showcases that feeling completely. N,N is one of the most talented musicians in the game right now, defying genres and doing it all well. Keep your eye on this guy, because he’s definitely going places.

RIYL: Dashboard Confessional, La Dispute, Lil Peep


Apartment – Seaway

Ahh, Seaway. Easily one of my favourite bands ever, and this song shows exactly why. The aesthetic of the video matches the song, and the lyrics are something everyone can relate to. No more work, just hanging out with your boy or girl. The guitar riff is so great at the beginning, and the syncopation of the drums in the verse works so well that it’s barely noticeable. What has always set these guys apart is their use of the dual vocalist, and once again this song utilizes it perfectly. Whether it’s trading lines or harmonizing perfectly, Ryan and Patrick show that working together for a long time pays off as these guys are at the top of their game right now. The GTA pop-punk scene is the place to be right now, and Seaway are the current kings. Like Pacific, Rarity, Coldfront, Pup, Safe to Say, and the list goes on. There’s no question that these guys are talented, and they continue to get better in their instruments, their songwriting, and their lyrics. I can’t wait to see them again, and to have that new record in my ears. But all I wanna do is nothing with that new Seaway record.

RIYL: Knuckle Puck, Neck Deep, Coldfront