Here are the top 4 tracks for the week of June 28-July 4.

Desolate – Dayseeker

This is way more of the Dayseeker that many have come to know than their last few singles. This song is heavy, and showcases Rory’s vocal abilities incredibly well. He’s famous for his sing-scream combination, and how he shifts with ease between the two. The instrumentation in this song kicks into high gear about a minute into the song, with the guitars jumping into a syncopated rhythm that compliments the drums in an almost Northlane-esque move. This mid-song mini breakdown brings to light exactly what this song is about: the struggle with understanding the afterlife, and finding worth in this life. This is not new territory for Rory, and is a reason I’ve found his lyrical work so fascinating. He truly wears his heart on his sleeve, and it makes for complex, meaningful art. While I definitely sit on the Christian side of the argument, I often find myself feeling more like Rory does in this song, and that my faith can be desolate at times. And honestly, it’s okay to feel that way. King David wrote entire poems in the psalms about feeling like God wasn’t there, or wasn’t coming through when he needed Him. And being honest and raw often makes for the best art, and this song is no exception.

RIYL: Architects, Northlane, Convictions

Consume – Polaris

Australia is well known at this point for their incredibly technical and gifted metalcore bands, and Polaris another name to throw on that list. This song really showcases the technicality of the guitarist. There are pinch harmonics, constant licks, and changing time signatures. The song continues with the same caliber of guitar work, and the clean vocals are a nice change from the same tone of scream throughout. However, this song really kicks in with a little under 2 minutes left. There’s a nice, run of the mill build up into a riffy breakdown, and then a huge solo kicks in. I’m telling you, this guitarist really knows what he’s doing. And then, the final breakdown comes. Now, I love breakdowns of all kinds, but these are my favourite. Some quick polyrhythms from the rhythm guitar while a riff plays over top of it. I can’t get enough of it. Great work.

RIYL: Northlane, Texas In July, August Burns Red

Coffee At Midnight – Stand Atlantic

When Tonight Alive swerved away from pop-punk with their last album, these guys slide into their place. Now, I’m not comparing them to Tonight Alive just because they both have female vocalists (that’s honestly a pet peeve of mine). Stand Atlantic actually sound like Tonight Alive, vocalist and all. This chorus is really catchy, and the catchphrase of coffee at midnight really sticks with me. Some great pop-punk going on right here, and I appreciate the straightforward approach they took to it, as it really worked. This girl has a little bit of grit in her voice, and when it comes it, it shines. This band shows some serious promise, and I’m happy they’re around.

RIYL: Tonight Alive, State Champs, Broadside

911 Feat. Steve Lacy, Frank Ocean & Anna of the North / Mr. Lonely Feat. Schoolboy Q- Tyler, the Creator

I dig only a limited amount of Tyler songs. This is up there with the best of them. This song is so vibey and groovy. It dips in and out of different types of hip-hop, and it’s almost like Tyler’s taking the listener through various stages of hip-hop. When he first comes in to the song, it feels very 80’s west coast hip-hop. Then the chorus hits and it’s back to a more r&b funk feel. The second song (Mr. Lonely) better showcases Tyler’s rap skills, and it comes full circle with him saying 911 at the end, but I still like the sing-songy 911 part far better than Mr. Lonely. Regardless of my feelings about him, Tyler knows how to make a witty rap, and this shows that he’s still a good artist, even if I don’t always like what he’s doing.

RIYL: Chance the Rapper, Childish Gambino, Frank Ocean

I’ve also finally made a Spotify playlist of all the TetraT songs. So if you’re ever searching for new music, just shuffle the playlist and you might find something you dig.