The top four tracks from the week of May 24-30.

Do It – Trapped Under Ice

The return of TUI is marked by this short, sweet song. Joining the label PopWig was a brilliant move on their part. They join the likes of Angel Du$t and Turnstile, two of my personal favourite hardcore acts, and both which feature current and former members of Trapped Under Ice. It truly is one big happy family on PopWig. The influence of Angel Du$t in this song is unmistakable, and I’m completely fine with that. A short song, and apparently the whole album is going to be short, clocking in at around 14 minutes long. To me, that’s the biggest “we do what we want” move ever, and I love it so much. TUI has such a big fanbase who’ve been waiting for their return, and all they do is release a short song as a single to a very short album, and it’s all emblematic of the lyrics of this song. Yes, Trapped Under Ice, show us just how far you’ll go. Do it.

RIYL: Angel Du$t, Turnstile, Expire


Sasha – Strawberry Girls

This experimental rock group really stands out against the rest of the instrumental bands out there. They have a way of doing things that really jumps out of the speakers. This band formed when Zach, the guitarist, left Dance Gavin Dance. And now you know why they sound so good. This song is groovy, heavy, and GROOVY. Say it twice if it’s really true, right? Normally I would roll my eyes at an instrumental song that’s over 4 minutes long (except This Will Destroy You), but they are able to hold my attention the entire time, even drawing me back. About a minute in, this song goes into hyperdrive and proves why this band is a few steps ahead of the rest. Watch the video. It’s amazing how fast his hands moves. My biggest gripe with instrumental bands is that it feels like a lead guitarist with a backing band. This doesn’t feel that way. The bassist shines, the drummer shines, and they all work together to make a real song, not just a long guitar solo.

RIYL: Hail The Sun, Dance Gavin Dance, Chon


Everything You Want Me To Be – Coldfront

Man I love these guys. They continue to impress me, and this song shows a clear step forward in their musical careers. Taking a page out of fellow Ontario pop-punk natives in Seaway, Coldfront has dual vocals, and it really take this band above your average pop-punk band. The music video is great, featuring some local Toronto spots from local legend Yeah! Films. This song is just really great. Some solid harmonies, some great guitar work, and a great first page to open the new chapter of this band. Looking forward to watching them get bigger and bigger tours.

RIYL: Like Pacific, Seaway, Knuckle Puck


Moods Like English Weather – The Gospel Youth

I’ve heard it said this is what Fall Out Boy or Panic! would sound like if those bands still played the pop-punk they started out playing, and it’s hard to argue with. However, this song is able to stand completely on its own. With a fast pace, this song cruises through the standard verse-chorus pattern, but keeps it interesting and fresh with their small breaks, the bridge, and some great guitar riffs in between it all. The chorus coming out of the bridge always makes or breaks a song for me, whether a band will take it up a notch or keep it the same. The Gospel Youth really take it up a notch, layering the vocals, more snare hits, and a heavier rhythm in the guitars. Combine all this with a passion these guys have for putting out music (they released so many singles in the past few years, and are now finally getting the attention they deserve), and it really is a recipe for potential success.

RIYL: Fall Out Boy, Deaf Havana, Mayday Parade