Exams and school are finally over and I can get back to this. I’ve missed four weeks, so I’ll post them all in the next few of days, one a day. So get ready for lots of new music.

Hope you find something you like! I hit a few different genres with this post!

This is from April 5th-11th.

Biking (Feat. Jay-Z & Tyler, The Creator) – Frank Ocean

I wasn’t huge on Channel Orange. I couldn’t get into Blonde. But I find myself coming back to this song, along with Chanel, the other single he’s recently released. It’s like a switch has been flipped in my brain or something. Regardless, this song is great. A feature from both Hova and Tyler? It’s perfection in a song. A simple, straight forward beat with an acoustic guitar, a tambourine, and not much else lends itself to the nostalgic feel this song pushes. It’s a pretty simple song, but that’s what makes it so great. Tyler steals the song (in my opinion), as his low delivery and original flow really compliments songs with slower, subtle beats. Ocean’s on the up&up in my books.

RIYL: Drake, Chance the Rapper, Childish Gambino


Wrong Kids – Restless Streets

I’ve always felt Restless Streets were on the verge of something big, but couldn’t quite get there. This song changed all that. They really blew me away with the song structure development in this song. It’s reminiscent of a Saosin song with its noodling guitars and minor harmonies. This song really shows the progression and maturity of this band, and how they are branching out into their own sound. The bridge “breakdown” showcases a heavier moment for a band some consider more on the poppy side, proving they still have some grit. The post-hardcore balance is matched perfectly here in this song. Also, this song deals with a pretty heavy topic, and they do it well. Kudos to them for caring about promoting good in this world.

RIYL: Saosin, The Seeking, Hands Like Houses


It Was Love – LANY

Again, props to my sister for showing me this band, and props to her friends for showing her this band. Lany has quickly become one of my favourites, and most anticipated album as well. They have an original sound, and some of the most poetic lyrics I’ve heard. Paul’s voice is original, and yet matches so well with their style of music, and it’s emotional and experimental and just all around great music. It’s almost 80’s synthwave type of music, but it’s just as much current indiepop, and I think that mashup is done perfectly with their music. This song about a relationship that could have lasted hits close to many people’s hearts, I’m sure, as there are so many stories about “the one that got away.” Another great song by this great band.

RIYL: The 1975, Troye Sivan, The Japanese House


Two Faced – Coast Down

I’ve never heard of these guys, or know anything about them, but this song amazed me. It brings the vocals that I’ve been missing since Continuance/Means called it a day, and the thrashy hardcore vibes hit me so hard. They’re a German band that bring a great raw energy to their music. They just became a band this year, and they’re dropping an EP in June. I love this song because it’s some true, classic hardcore with some raw vocals. The breakdown hits so hard, and these guys show a true understanding of keeping things fresh, not grinding out the same chugs over and over, instead utilizing some riffing guitar work. I really look forward to where these guys go from here. I’ll definitely be picking up that EP.

RIYL: Comeback Kid, Continuance, Stick To Your Guns