Tuesday’s Top Tasty Tracks

Which mean the best tracks of the week. Get ready for some pop-punk.

Misery – Blink 182

I wasn’t huge on Blink’s first single for their deluxe album, Parking Lot. But this one sounds just like why I fell in love with Blink in the first place. Catchy, yet heavy. There’s meaning to this song, and it feels like something off their self-titled. I also love how clear Matt’s voice is in this song. This self-loathing, depressed emo vibe from this song is what Blink was to me in my angsty teenage years, and I love that this is a return to that. Not to mention it’s actually really catchy, and Matt and Mark sound really good together. I actually don’t think Tom is missed on this song, as Matt’s edgy vocals really add another dimension to it. If we have more tracks like this, I’m really looking forward to this deluxe album, and then the inevitable return of Tom after that. Cmon, we all know it’s going to happen.

RIYL: Sum 41, Alkaline Trio, Good Charlotte


Humble – Kendrick Lamar

Upon first listen, I wasn’t huge on this song. What sold me was the music video. Seriously, you need to watch the video with the song. It’s one of the smartest music videos I’ve ever seen. This is Kendrick doing what he does best, which is keeping it real. He’s calling out all the rappers that do nothing but brag, like Big Sean, Drake and Kanye. The beat is catchy, and pretty original. There aren’t many songs, other than the My Friends (We Get Turnt Up) song by Team Twin, that have a beat based around a staccato bass-octave piano rhythm. Kendrick is a true artist in his medium, and this is showcased here. He’s not catering to the overproduced trap crowd or anything else like that, rather staying true to his art and message and keeping it completely honest. However, this song is also drastically different from anything else he’s ever done. Which goes to show that an artist can progress without becoming more ‘mainstream,’ something many artists seem to have a problem with. It also seems like Kendrick is sick of staying in his lane and just doing him. He’s ready to call out other rappers and point out hypocrisy and faults in the game. And I love it. Honest, angry artists are the best kind.

RIYL: J. Cole, Logic, Chance the Rapper


Slow Burn – State Champs

While I was hoping we’d have a new album coming out this summer, I’ll take a deluxe edition from one of my favourite pop-punk bands in State Champs. Coming off a literal world tour, State Champs are truly on their make-or-break album. However, it seems they decided to ride out this wave for a little bit longer by making it a CD/DVD release, and I honestly can’t blame them. Soaring vocals, poppy guitar bits, and head-bobbing rhythm is exactly why SC have the success they do. They also continue to progress as song writers, and this is another strong submission in that category. The chorus can really be sung along to, and while the musicians are talented, they don’t stand out from the song overall, taking away from it, but rather blend in and adding to the complexity of the song. Honestly, at a surface listen, this song seems really straight forward. You have to take a few listens to notice the complex guitar bits, the constantly changing bass line, and the little fills here and there from the drummer.

RIYL: Neck Deep, Knuckle Puck, Seaway


Atlantic – Grayscale

Grayscale has been on my radar for a little while, and the news that they signed to Fearless Records is welcome, as they deserve it. This band is poised to do some great things in the near future, with the right support. This song showcases why they will be big. They have some great harmonies, and know how to write a catchy song. I really don’t like the intro, if I’m going to be honest. The organ noise or whatever that is right at the beginning is really distracting, and I’m not a fan of it. Outside of that, though, this is a great song. It really kicks in at the chorus where the vocals soar above the guitars. Some smart choices with the guitar picking and a vocal drop in the bridge makes a good song great, and the nice piano bit adds well (unlike the organ thing). As you can tell by this weeks list, I’m a sucker for pop-punk, and these guys scratch that itch well. I’m excited to see what kind of tours these guys can get on and where they go from here.

RIYL: Like Pacific, Roam, Rarity