Best tracks of the week:

Blossom – Youngest

These guys literally came out of nowhere for me. Proof that the YouTube suggestions can occasionally work. The gritty work of this band is clear, and their approach to music is a combination of a bunch of different bands, which makes them truly their own. There are some incredible moments in this song, like at 1:30, where the song almost takes a break to enjoy a purely melodic moment, and it’s both brilliant and beautiful, before jumping back into its tempo driven verses. It’s also impressive that they hail from Milano, Italy, and the accent is almost goes undetected. I adore the blend of emo and punk, with modern influences that this band boasts. If you really like this, check the description of the YouTube vid, as their giving this EP away for free.

RIYL: WVNDER, Basement, Title Fight

Chanel – Frank Ocean

This man can do no wrong. The meandering piano is honestly what hooked me, and this is probably in my top 3 favourite Frank songs at the moment. There’s some brilliance in leaving the beat just a piano and a jazz snare/bass drum combo, creating an absolutely amazing minimalist beat that is built upon throughout the song. It’s truly understated, along with the rest of the production, as Ocean lets his music just be his music, with no bells or whistles. In an age where many R&B stars are trending towards either pop or hip-hop (Usher, Ne-Yo, Chris Brown), Frank is staying the course, creating pure R&B for those who want it, with no concern for the charts or the fame. Where Ocean truly rises above those around him is in his lyrics, each line begging for more information, alluding to a full story behind every single hook. He truly is a brilliant lyricist, and this song is no different. Chanel picks up right where blond left off, while still showing that he will continue to push the envelope.

RIYL: Anderson .Paak, Bryson Tiller, The Weeknd

Misery – The Word Alive

Every time I feel like I’ve outgrown TWA, they mature along with my musical tastes, and it’s pretty cool. This is a huge step towards respectable music, and away from the chugchug that they started with. This song is also the last one featuring one of the greatest current drummers in the scene, Luke Holland, as he stepped down after recording this song. On the surface, this seems like an extremely simple and straightforward song, but upon a closer listen, you will hear some tasty bass licks, some incredible drumming (as always), and some intricate guitar parts. I love that Telle is embracing his mid vocal range and really pushing into that instead of forcing out those high notes that Risecore bands tend to do. They were also able to really bring back the keyboards without being cheesy or making them sound like they did on their debut. The Word Alive, maturity looks good on you.

RIYL: Muse, Bring Me The Horizon, In Hearts Wake

Don’t Feel Bad – Daisyhead

The punk-emo in me can’t get enough of this song. Between this and Youngest, it’s a great week to be an emo kid. This song kicks in heavier than is typical for this band, only to taper off for the verses. This song is showcasing that Daisyhead can really lean into the heavy side while still creating a brilliant and emotional song. The lyrics really paint the kind of sad picture that we’ve all felt like at some point.”I wouldn’t stick around for me, and I know that’s no way to think. That’s just who I am.” So great. At 3:00 into the song, I fall in love with this song. It’s great up to that point, but right there, at 3:00, the kids in Daisyhead switch up the tempo, and it’s amazing. It’s only for eight bars, but that’s all it takes. It just shows me that they know when they’re starting to get into a repetitive pattern, and can switch it up. It’s a slowed-down, almost breakdown that gets the head bobbing, just in time for a vocal layered bridge. Some great stuff right here.

RIYL: Better Off, Moose Blood, Transit