It’s been a crazy couple of weeks, so I’m going to bring you a double header of TetraT music.


Voices (Saosin Cover) – The New Low

Saosin was an incredibly important part of my youth, and so any time somebody covers their music, I’m interested, but rarely is the song good. This one is the exception. Formerly called Hearts & Hands, The New Low offers a completely stripped down version of the Saosin single, instead focusing on some incredibly powerful vocal performances. This soft, calm, serene song really brings what I believe I cover should do, which is put a new twist on a classic song. There’s almost some R&B/Pop leanings in this, which is amazing coming from a Post-Hardcore band. Some serious talent being showcased in this song.

RIYL: The Weeknd, OneRepublic, Maroon 5


Closer Feat. Robbie Lee & Julissa Leilani – Gawvi

Gawvi continues to prove why he’s the best producer in the Christian Hip-Hop game…by moving further away from hip-hop and into EDM. Seriously, most Christian ‘pop’ artists create some cheesy copy of a style that’s 5 years old. The beginning calls Kanye immediately to mind, followed by an Alessia Cara vibe in the verses, and a Calvin Harris chorus. Staying away from cliche lyrics (for the most part), Gawvi really captures a great moment in this song. It’s definitely not hip-hop, but it’s super catchy.

RIYL: Calvin Harris, Avicii, Armin Van Buuren


Coexist – Have Mercy

Have Mercy keep getting better. This song is an incredible progression forward for this band, with incredible lyrics, vocals, and instrumentations. They’ve truly become a better band over the course of their career, and it shows in this song. It’s a new direction for the band, but there’s no question in my mind of whether it works or not. It does. There are serious Manchester Orchestra vibes in the chorus vocally, and that’s a band that more people need to be drawing inspiration from. I really like this song.

RIYL: Manchester Orchestra, Citizen, Pentimento


Indecisive – Knuckle Puck

The return of Knuckle Puck, and they decide to release…an acoustic song? An interesting approach, but that’s why I like them. This song proves that they are more than just a pop-punk band, choosing instead to lead with their more artistic foot. There’s no question that the KP guys can’t help but write songs, spawning two side project bands with other friends in rationale. and Homesafe. This 3/4 quiet offering of a waltz shows that Knuckle Puck are not going to just write pop-punk jams because that’s what kids want. They will continue down their artistic path and write music that suits them, continuing to progress with their tastes. And I, for one, can’t get enough. It’s so beautiful.

RIYL: The Story So Far (Acoustic stuff), Dashboard Confessional, This Wild Life




Rain – City & Colour

Dallas Green can do no wrong. This song is one of the best songs I’ve heard him put out in my opinion. Beautiful, intricate guitar work matched with beautiful lyricism and vocal melodies. The chorus is incredible, haunting, and overall just masterful. I thought he might be getting stale at this point, but it just keeps getting better. Keep doing your thing Mr. Green.

RIYL: Jon Bryant, Benjamin Francis Leftwich, Ben Howard


Good Girls – LANY

My sister showed me LANY about a month ago, and they’re pretty much all I’ve listened to since. The 80’s synth, catchy rhythm and summer vibes get me going. They just released a new song, and it’s up there with their best work, they deserve your attention. They’re part of this new wave of music that adds funk moments to their songs, and it’s getting huge right now. Bruno Mars is also doing this a ton, and obviously it’s working for him. LANY tap into a summer time, road trip style of music that is absolutely addictive. Give it a spin.

RIYL: The 1975, Troye Sivan, Panama Wedding


Third of May/Odaigahara – Fleet Foxes

Fleet Foxes are so hipster, I’ve heard them more in your local microbrewery than on the internet. But for real, I’m very excited for Fleet Foxes to be back from their hiatus and making good music again. This extra long song showcases how great of songwriters they are. They have extreme talent, and lead you on a journey through their songs. It’s an incredible, multi-instrument, multi-vocal, multi-faceted song that is truly a masterpiece. Drink some local coffee, and unwind to this amazing song. This is definitely more experimental than usual, and it feels like a meandering journey. I just really enjoy it (obviously).

RIYL: Bon Iver, Sufjan Stevens, The Head And The Heart


Night Terrors – Currents

I know what you’re thinking. “Is he not going to have a heavy song in 8 songs?” Well, wonder no more. Here is my favourite angry music, and boy to Currents bring it. This song kicks in so hard, and does not let up. They’ve really focused on the clean vocals on this song, and it works so well. While this song does appear to be a more straight forward chug-chug song, there are some incredible technicalities in the guitar work, and it shows why they will rise above their counterparts.

RIYL: Kingdom of Giants, Wage War, In Hearts Wake