Tuesday’s Top Tasty Tracks

Welcome to a new week of bangers.

All of a Sudden – Moosh & Twist

I’m a hip-hop fan, through and through, and while Moosh & Twist definitely don’t make the same kind of music they used to, they can still put out great songs. This one is no different. This song is a step further into the popularized trap beats with huge 808s. While the lyrical content is not what it used to be, the song will hype you up really quick. If these guys continue this way, it won’t be long before we’re hearing these songs at NBA games. Many people would say that these guys sold out, but at least they’re doing it right and making the biggest bang. I’ll keep listening. This stuff bangs hard.

RIYL: Logic, Meek Mill, Future

Make War – From First To Last

There’s this small time DJ called Skrillex. Ever heard of him? Well, anybody who grew up with emo and post-hardcore music knows him as Sonny Moore, the lead singer of From First To Last. FFTL made some semi-successful music after Sonny left, but his return to the band on this new single is so welcomed. This song picks up right where Heroine left off, and immediately recalls to mind the ‘glory days’ of screamo. This song really is filled with nostalgia, and it is SO great. Instead of the FFTL boys try to match what the current popular trends are in the scene, they make their own music from where they are at. Obviously, Sonny aka Skrillex has some different influences now and has grown immensly as a musician. Matt Good, the other big part of FFTL, has spent the better part of the last decade involved in bands like FFTL and DRUGS, Craig Owens shortlived supergroup, and producing records like The Word Alive, Veil of Maya and Memphis May Fire. All of these combined to this great musical accomplishment. Safe to say I’m excited that they’re back. Also, just a side note, but Travis Barker played drums on this song. The Travis Barker.

RIYL: My Chemical Romance, Chiodos, The Used

Paris – The Chainsmokers

Like anybody under the age of 30, I’m eating up anything The Chainsmokers touch right now. I’m hooked, and I’m not ashamed to say it. The fact that I don’t listen to the radio probably helps me in this cause, because they make good music and it doesn’t get overplayed for me because I only listen when I want to listen. This song picks up right where they left off only 2 months ago with the release of their last EP. This song doesn’t have the ‘big drop’ that Closer or every other DJ song ever right now does, and to me that’s extremely refreshing. Some great harmonies, simple, easy vibes and some incredible layering makes this song a great maturing step for the Chain boys, and makes me excited for where they could go if they continue to actually push themselves musically.

RIYL: Honestly if you don’t know who these guys are I can’t really help you, Swedish House Mafia, Avicii, Kygo

Intuition – Northlane

Okay, so progressive metalcore is a huge weakness for me. Some super technical guitar work with a huge breakdown speaks to me in ways that most music doesn’t. Northlane is one of the champions of this genre, and pick up where Node left off. I will say that this song feels underwhelming as a single, more of a deep cut that becomes a fan favourite. That being said, it gives the listener a good idea of what direction the band is going with the new album, which is they will continue to push the boundaries of this genre and really press into the melodic side of the band. The guitar work as always is flawless, and the bassist is one of the most talented bassists on the planet. Lyrically, they continue to preach a message they believe in which is conservation of the world and rise up against consumerism, questioning everything that is taught and being your own person. One thing’s for sure: these aussies still got it.

RIYL: Volumes, Architects, Silent Planet