Tuesday’s Top Tasty Tracks

Kicking the new year off right with 4 new tracks to jam.

Stay Pissed – Like Pacific

Canadian pop-punkers Like Pacific released one of my most-listened albums of 2016 11 months ago. While it’s no secret that Like Pacific have hardcore tendencies, this song was quite a shocking departure from their usual sound. While the song isn’t a new song for them (it’s been on the internet for about 3 years), it has been re-mixed and re-mastered, and so the band is treating it like it’s a new song. Blazing out of the gates with purely screamed/yelled vocals and a heavy, almost beat-down style of a song, this song is a welcomed start to 2017, reminding us to not be apathetic to the current state of the world. Angry Like Pacific has always been the best Like Pacific anyway.

RIYL: Cancer Bats, Stick To Your Guns, Turnstile

Understand. – JGivens

JGivens is one of the most authentic and original voices in hip-hop, trading in trap beats for real lyrics with classic flow and easy vibes. If you dig any of this, he has a lot of his music available for free at his bandcamp. Lyrically, he is head and shoulders above his competition, and he continues to wear his heart on his sleeve in the most raw way possible, never shying away from lyrical content. There’s not much else to say about this, other than if you enjoy laid back hip-hop (or even trip-hop) you will dig this. I will say that he has some of the most visually stunning and indie music videos of all time.

RIYL: Eshon Burgandy, Beautiful Eulogy, Indie Film Soundtracks

March of the Dead (Feat. Michael Staver of Chorder) – Frequencies

Frequencies is a brand new band out of Georgia. I found them because Michael of Chorder was featured in this song, and I really dug it. They just put out their new EP for free today on their bandcamp, so if you dig it go pick it up. While it’s pretty standard metalcore, it gets your head moving, and these guys can clearly shred on their instruments. Once the second verse comes in, I really like the vocals that sound really raw. Check these guys out.

RIYL: For Today, The Word Alive, Rival Choir

Say Something Loving – The xx

I’ve dug the xx and their ambient dual vocal ways since I first heard “intro” off their debut album. This song is a bit of a departure from their traditional style, but that’s expected for a third album. The vocals stand out more from the mix than in the past, and they’ve pretty much left the ambient guitar and piano work behind on this song. The use of a sample in the intro showcases their electronic tendencies, and shows the growth in their craft. They’ve grown away from their usual depressing songs and have tried to give a little more sunshine on this song, and I think it’s a nice change.

RIYL: alt-J, Bon Iver, Radiohead