Tuesday’s Top Tasty Tracks

Again, a day late, but it’s the holidays and I’ve lost track of the days. Next Tuesday will be back on track, I promise.

Lucida Feat. Jason Vena of Acceptance – A Loss For Words

AL4W keep bringing great tracks on their final album, and this song is no different. Tapping one of the most talented frontmen in the scene for this song was an incredibly smart move, and it makes an already great song even better. This song is a much more somber song than is typical for pop-punkers, choosing instead to tell a story about a girl instead of complaining about their town. This song clearly shows the maturity this band has at this point in their careers, confirming that they have done their time and have deserved the break they will have upon finishing the band. I’m even more eager for this album to be released after hearing this song.

RIYL: Transit, Man Overboard, The Story So Far

Lit – Polyphia

While this isn’t a completely new song, it’s the holidays which means it’s a slow couple of weeks in the music world. That being said, this is a remix of Polyphia’s song Light in honour of their upcoming tour LIT AF. Honestly, this remix gives me an excuse to show you one of the best up-and-coming bands in the scene right now. Polyphia have shared the stage with August Burns Red, Periphery, Coheed & Cambria, and Between The Buried and Me. These guys are an incredibly talented instrumental band that plays some kind of hybrid between progressive metalcore and electro rock. You will notice that this song has a bit of an R&B vibe to it, which is the ‘remix’ part. A band that can take their own song and re-write it to the point where it actually takes on a new genre is one that is truly innovative. It’s impossible to deny that these guys are talented musicians, but in their early days they lacked at their song structure and musical composition. This lays those doubts to rest. Sit back and just appreciate, respect, and grove to the Polyphia boys.

RIYL: Animals as Leaders, Widek, Cloudkicker

Something New – Tokio Hotel

Honestly, I always get Tokyo Police Club and Tokio Hotel mixed it. However, there’s no question in my mind that I enjoy both artists equally. This new song by Tokio is a bit of a departure from what originally got them fame. The majority of their popular songs have included a form of pop-rock heavily featuring guitars. As you will notice, this song is a completely different direction. The song is very aptly titled “Something New.” For the entirety of the first minute, there are no vocals, just a slow building synth. When the vocals come in, that’s all that comes in. Their are no guitars, no drums, no typical instruments. It’s extremely chill, and it shows a huge experimentation and maturity of the band. Around the four minute mark, the song begins to build like your typical EDM song, but it still remains subdued and never goes for the full ‘drop’ that has become synonymous with EDM. Tokio creates an atmosphere on this song that is beautiful, and brings the emerging genre of synthwave to the forefront of many people’s minds.

RIYL: The Stranger Things Soundtrack, College, Electric Youth

Let Me Love You (Feat. Lee Albrecht of Boys of Fall) (DJ Snake/Justin Bieber Cover) – The March Ahead

If you’ve been around the scene, you’ve definitely heard of Johnny Franck of Attack Attack! fame. This is one of his many projects he’s done since leaving AA! While this song has definitely been overplayed on the radio, The March Ahead is able to give this song the aggression and passion it was always missing. While the biebs is a great singer, Franck is able to put grit into his voice that adds a layer to this song. The guitar work is great, and the addition of a big low end creates a song that lasts beyond the oversaturated EDM world that we live in. TMA doesn’t stray too far from the original, instead expounding on the existing catchy parts into riffy bits that go hard. The addition of a blistering solo as the outro to the song confirms that this isn’t just a carbon copy of the already existing song, but rather adds something to the conversation.

RIYL: Covers, The Biebs, Our Last Night

Happy New Year everybody!