Tuesday’s Top Tasty Tracks

Weight of the World – Advent

Hardcore heavy weights are back, and better than ever. After a 5 year hiatus, Advent has reunited and will be putting out a new album in 2017, and I am so excited for it. These guys honestly got me into the more straight up hardcore type of music, different than post-hardcore and metalcore. This song goes in hard from the very beginning, and is relentless throughout. Never ones to shy away from speaking their minds, Musten and the rest of the boys blast their way through the weight of religion vs the love of Christ. The final beatdown style breakdown yells out “I won’t be buried in chains” is so great. This is aggressive, heavy and fast, and anybody who was a fan of their previous two records will not be disappointed in this song. Be careful not to pit too hard in your living room.

Don’t Let It Be – FigureItOut

This is honestly just some good pop-punk. I featured these guys in my first Tetra, and since then I have really enjoyed what they’ve released. It’s definitely not the most original or innovative music, but if you’re a fan of the genre, you will enjoy this. This is some good headbob music, and honestly it calls back to All Time Low’s first album (easily their best) and just more that early 2010’s style of pop-punk. Another band I would compare them to is New Found Glory. Once this full album drops, I think they will have a chance to really make a name for themselves opening up for some big names, and possibly playing warped tour? Who knows. In the mean time, I really enjoy what they’ve got going on.

Here, Now, Forever – Carousel Kings

Also a band I’ve featured recently (Tetra4), this song is a bit of a departure from their previous single, and their previous work as a whole. This is an easycore/pop-punk band who writes a ballad. Honestly, that’s what this is. And it’s incredible. CK are clearly not afraid of pushing themselves to make different music from what they usually do, this song proves that it paid off. An acoustic, slow building song with octave gaps in singing (one of my favourite things a band can do), and it’s actually really beautiful. This song was actually inspired by ‘floatation therapy,’ which is where someone lies on the surface of a saltwater pool and relaxes. The band got into it over the recording process of their new record, and it caused them to explore some more emotional songs with feeling. If you’re really into it, I would encourage you to check out their 2-minute documentary on the floating therapy. In the mean time, give the song a listen. You can almost hear the ‘floating in a pool of water’ in the guitar approach to the song.

Featherweight – WSTR

Another band I’ve featured (honestly there’s only so many albums being released in December) back in Tetra3, WSTR continues to hook me with their great melodies. These guys are everything I want from pop-punk right now, and I can’t get enough of their lead guitar lines or their bouncy songs. Way too many people write these guys off as Neck Deep knock offs, but the same happened to Panic at the Disco when they came out and were called Fall Out Boy knock offs. Panic pushed through and blew up, and I really hope WSTR does the same. The harmonies and vocal layering at the end of the song shows they’re not happy with just doing a straight up pop-punk song, experimenting here and there. I’m really excited for this album to drop.