Tuesday’s Top Tasty Tracks

Hands of Death – Nothing Left

Nothing Left just appeared out of nowhere yesterday, and they are great. The Leitru Brothers of For Today fame make up half the band, with the lead vocalist of A Bullet For Pretty Boy holding down the vocals here as well, and the drummer from Silent Planet (one of the best imo) recording drums here. This goes in pretty hard, a nice change of pace from For Today, and it looks like they’ll be giving this band the full attention it deserves as A Bullet For Pretty Boy and For Today are both done as bands. With a great label backing it, these guys are going to keep up this heavy hitting type of music for a bit here.

Warm Up – NF

This song technically came out a little while ago, but the video just dropped, and it deserves attention. NF keeps stepping up his game, and the views show. Over 500,000 views in one week is no mistake. This guy has hard hitting lyrics with flow to match, and he is unapologetically raw about his struggles growing up and finding success in the rap game. Keep your eye on this guy, he’s about to make it BIG.

Footprints – WSTR

Neck Deep comparisons aside, WSTR has a great brand of pop-punk. I’m really looking forward to their new album, and this song will have to tide me over in the mean time. Catchy, riffy and head-bob-worthy, this song might get stuck in your head, and I won’t apologize for that.

Ten Years – Those Who Fear

One of my absolute favourite bands for getting motivated has finally dropped a new song. If you don’t like heavy, this is NOT for you. Breakdown after crunching, low-tuned breakdown hit with ferocity. If you want to start throwing fists or two-stepping, press play, because that’s what these guys do. It’s nice to see a bit of progression with some slower parts, having clean guitar riffs instead of constant chugging. They’re growing, while still maintaining the heavy heavy stuff. Keep it coming.